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Okay, today is the 8th of August 2022 and I’m sitting on the balcony. Of course, some things have come up again and I have not been able to make as many videos as I actually intended. But isn’t that always the case? Actually that’s also the reason why I started trading with automatic trading systems. Because life is what happens while you make other plans and often the things that come in between are just important. The advantage of automatic trading is that you are able to produce actual results even during the time you are not in front of the computer. If we look at the results from the system today, we see that we are now over $200. When I checked this afternoon it was around $213 that we had as profit and the account has a deposit amount of $10,000. The last time I looked 2% was about what you got for a whole year if you put your money in the bank. And that was years ago when you were still getting interest. In automatic trading, it is quite possible to make that amount in a single month or even less time. The trick is to do it in a way that you don’t lose your last shirt. And that is one of the reasons why I only offer this system to certain clients. Because not everybody can do it, actually most rookie traders fail within 6 month and run their account into the ground. Then they blame others for it. Because in the past it turned out that a large part of the people who are interested in the topic of automatic trading are not suitable for it. Just because a system trades automatically doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be a certain kind of person to do it. You may know those people who always find reasons why something you suggest to them may not work at all. You can give these people as much advice as you want, but it doesn’t change their behavior. And it is not possible to change a person. I learned from a man named Dan Kennedy that it makes no sense to chase people to convince them. Instead, it makes much more sense to look for the people who are already convinced and have the necessary qualities. And that’s why I’m only going to offer the new Platin System to people who have already proven those qualities through their own actions in the past. It is easy to find them, they have paid the full price, the have polite behaviour, they actually do the exercises and they don’t blame others for their own results. If you already are one of my customers who has what it takes you will probably get an invitation soon.