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So, what we see here right now is our new system. Today is the 21st of July. Let’s take a look at the date we can fade in here below. And I finished the system for the platinum group today. It’s still a preliminary version, but it’s already running now on an account that we can track. And I’ve also already set up statistics for that account with FX Blue. The account number can be seen here 37044019. Here is the FX Blue statistic statement for 37044019. Let’s turn off the cookies and look at the result, then we can see here are currently on a positive balance. We have had 10,000 € deposit and currently we see here a profit of 59.38. You can also analyze the whole thing here or display as a printable account statement. This then looks like MyFXbook. In fact, we already have a little more profit, but FX Blue does not update so regularly as I am used to from MyFXbook. However, it is also much easier if you work with a Linux machine. In my case here it is a Linux Trading System, which I am setting up for the members of the Platinum Group. Because currently I get the message that Windows 8 will soon no longer be supported and now I still have four stick PCs, which I then want to convert to Linux. In addition, Linux as an operating system for traders has the advantage that you do not have to fear in the middle of the night that forced updates are installed and the computer is restarted. So if you want to take a look at the current status, you can find it at this web address here on the Internet. Now I’ll have a look if this recording has become something, because from tomorrow I want to make more of it. For the moment that was it for now. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video.