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People want to avoid the pain of a loss. Could you afford to lose $50,000? For most people the answer is no. That would be a huge disaster.

If you are not home, it is handy to have mobile access to check out your system to see if something is going wrong.

I don’t understand why some people are raving fans for stock A or B. Stocks are something that I wouldn’t trade because stocks belong to companies and companies can declare insolvency.

If you have too many positions at the same time, that might cause a big drawdown. If you don’t have enough positions, you might see small profits that might not be worth the investment.

In your car you have a steering wheel and brakes and it is also a good idea to have something like that for your trading system.

You might make a profit, then you are unsatisfied because you could have made a bigger profit. Or you make a loss. That is when you are unsatisfied because you want to make your money back. The idea is to stick to the trading rules and not to do something stupid. The idea is to minimize the risk and make a profit.

There are other programming languages like Python or Java, but MQL is the programming language that is specialized to do exactly one thing and that is to create automated trading systems. I have seen automated systems break down after several thousand trades just because the market conditions changed. We can find out in advance how we want to react in certain crisis situations by simply trading through similar crises from the past.

I like good results and I like to improve my algorithmic trading system. So that is what I did for over half a decade.

Strategy tests are not a guarantee that everything will work in the future. But trading is something where you need to accept the risk that is involved. You need to decide if you are willing to live with bigger equity fluctuations or if you go with a smaller risk setting and expect a lower profit. Entry signals are exciting, so that is where everybody is looking.

Promises and magic fairy dust was nothing I could relate to. I wanted to find something more reliable and much more easy, so I decided to test.

Actually, I have never seen any entry signal that would not produce false buy and sell signals from time to time.

Wikipedia says psychological resilience is defined as an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity.

I am really happy that something like the algorithmic trading system exists. I think otherwise trading would feel like navigating your car with a compass.

What do you think would be a good way to prove that a system really works?

A strategy test is easy to do. It doesn’t cost anything. It is not very complicated, but most people prefer to throw their money into some dark hole and hope for the best.