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We have a premium course about how to build your system. Actually it is not only a particular system, but rather a framework where you can plug in any entry signal you like. Brokers offer bonus programs to make you go all in, right away.

You maybe don’t know if you should close a position or if it would be better to hope that everything finally will come to a good result? Pick an affordable account size and you can adjust your system settings to avoid painful loss sizes. Trading heuristics is like selling Christmas trees in January because the sales in December have been so good.

I have read a lot of books and I have even listened to a lot more audiobooks. Any drawdown for your own real account can cost you sleep. You will always have good and bad years to trade. Sometimes it is possible to grow your account and sometimes you can just make a small profit to cover the costs. Actually it is a good idea to use extreme values and testing to get a good understanding of what can go wrong.

You have confidence that you can tie your shoes. The reason is that you have successfully tied your shoes several thousand times. Your demo account might have a very moderate spread, while your real account has higher spread costs. There is something that is called fear of missing out. If your broker can make you believe that you will miss out on some big bonuses or profits, if he can make you believe that you are wasting time and money, that is when our brain starts to get crazy.

How do you know if you pick the right rules? It is possible to make a modest profit for almost every entry and trading year. But you need to carefully select the risk according to your needs and expectations. An algorithmic trading system is able to trade a 100.000 dollar drawdown where you couldn’t stand the pain. The important stuff in a system happens after we have opened a position.

A currency pair might see a sudden change like the Euro US dollar did and maybe the average trading range for that currency pair is higher or lower afterwards. The market is going to do what it is going to do. You don’t have any chance to change it. I trade different currency pairs and different strategies and go with whatever works best. It is always a good idea to invest some time to find the broker and the account type that is right for you.

The one thing that you might have missed that there is one person who expected exactly this one unexpected situation to happen and that is your broker. To find out what a realistic result looks like, you need to test. If you have a bigger account, you can try a bigger risk setting, but I still would go with a low risk and a lower drawdown. I always trade whole years because that makes it simple to compare the results for different systems. If the traffic is fast and you are too slow, the car behind you might crash into you.

A revenge trade will always do exactly what will cost you the most money. If you think that your broker wants you to trade a lot of money right away, you are probably right. The goal was to find something that could produce a profit for at least ten years and at least ten currency pairs. I can do thousands of automated trades using 16 cores and 32GB of Ram, while an average human brain can only process five to seven pieces of information at a time. When you think of trading, just think of a sailboat where you would set the sail according to the weather conditions.