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You need to build your system in a way that those things cannot cause major damage. For example, I learned that it is a good idea to close the laptop so that our cat was unable to sleep on the keyboard. One of the good things in backtesting is the fact that you can find out how your system would have performed under different market conditions. I can’t even remember 20 things in a row, but your computer can do that with each and every price on the chart. Computers have been used to create the market.

They send you the price data and that data is recalculated to draw it on your own computer screen. So why do you think you should trade it manually? With automated trading It is like in real life. One year you have a very nice summer. In other years the weather might be bad.

There is a way to do faster manual trading, but it still took hours and hours in front of the screen and I made a lot of mistakes, because I needed to react to price changes very fast. You can go to YouTube and search for standalone expert advisor and you will find a lot of my free videos for different entry signals, source code included. I had one broker who decided to remove my account type and replace it with something that would be better for him. I didn’t like the driving exam and I didn’t like the instructor. But the ability and freedom to drive my own car, sit in the driver’s seat and decide to go wherever I want was strong enough to do it.

After outstanding bad results, you can expect that your system result will return to the average expectancy, at least in the long run. You may have power outages, network errors, Windows reboots and I have even had a cat sleeping on the keyboard of my laptop. True story. How do you decide if something is a good or a bad choice? It is hard to see losses and it is also hard to watch your trading account making a small profit when you have made much bigger profits for another trading year.

How do you decide if you need to buy or sell? A potential problem is the historical data we use for our back testing. It might be corrupted, incomplete, or the quality might be bad. We have a STEP BY STEP system that I have used for several years and it works for me and for the premium course members. We need to adjust the risk setting to a lower value if we want to increase the probability to survive the worst possible outcome.

Looking for perfection is what it makes so hard to exactly find that one one fits all trading system that works for everybody. No need to hurry. Once you have your profitable trading system up and running, you can always scale up your account at any given time. With automated trading systems, it is so easy to change one thing, measure the results and see if it gets you one step closer to your goal. There is a set of instructions in the reference that explains how to build an objectoriented Tetris game inside of MetaTrader.

Can you believe that? I mean, who would use a trading account and a trading software to play Tetris? Your car is an automated system that contains parts that work together.

You can greatly improve your trading results if you know how to use the law of big numbers and the law of regression to the mean. Trading will definitely make most brokers rich. No doubt about that. The more you trade, the more he makes. You can collect a lot of significant data created in a real trading environment.

What will happen when you have a network problem and some of your broker’s data might be missing or is corrupted?