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Mistakes are unavoidable. From time to time something goes wrong.

I don’t want to keep a certain position for a certain currency pair because currency pairs are not attached to any feelings. The MetaTrader software comes with an example program for the MACD indicator. It is in the examples folder and it is called MACD Sample. If you run this MACD Sample program with the default settings for at least one year, it will make losses. Actually, I think that I don’t know anybody who has any time left that is not needed otherwise.

Yes, it takes time to set up everything and to find out how it works. But I think this is time well invested. I don’t consider anything below 1000 trades to be a system result. The whole system is based on the fact that most people like to give the responsibility for their finances to somebody they think is an expert. Your broker will even make money when you lose.

That is why he encourages you to trade as much as possible. He knows that most people will lose money. That is just a numbers game. If most traders would make money, he would soon be out of business. Have you ever seen a movie?

Why did you do that? Don’t you know that movies are invented and that the people are paid actors? But it still works.

Does automated trading mean that I can guarantee that it will work for the next year? No, I can’t. But I can tell you that the probability is above average that it will work. And that is the only kind of market advantage that I need.

What do you think is causing your losses? It is the way the thing works. To be profitable in the long run, you need to set up the system in a way that will increase the probabilities for you. Do you think that your trading is not affected by your emotional state? Do you think that you are realistic? Like all good cars have a steering wheel, a motor, brakes and wheels all good trading systems also have some things in common.

I think that the best possible way to improve trading results is to do a lot of tests.

I think that I am a safe driver, but anybody on the other side of the road could have easily caused an accident at any given time.

Once you can read and write, it seems to be no problem. But try to switch to the Chinese or Japanese language and you will need a year or two until you get good results.

Most people are looking for a way to give up their own responsibilities. But this is not helpful as it is your own money.

When I’m in a bad mood, I know that I can go out with my dog for an hour or so and afterwards the world is better.

Our system is able to trade any entry signal that can produce a buy or sell signal, but need to manually compile it for each buyer.