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You probably never would try to park your car with the same speed you use to overtake other cars on the highway, would you? Market conditions change and so far I have never seen any entry signal that is always ways producing optimal results. If you would pick three days in July to choose what to wear in December, you would probably have a bad surprise.

Your demo account might have a very moderate spread, while your real account has higher spread costs. You might feel safe once you have seen a few hundred profitable trades. Continue to improve your trading results by using the endless sequence to build and improve an automated trading system that fits your needs.

If somebody would ask you to play Russian roulette for $1 million reward, but you need to pull the trigger 50 times in a row, I would not take the bet. Revenge trades! Only rookies want to make back what they have lost and trade something that is complete nonsense.

When I learned about forex trading, I was excited because it seemed like a digital gold rush. I saw ads and videos with happy, beautiful people on the beach, on a yacht or in a sports car.

Keep in mind that a loss is an interruption, and afterwards most people will most likely trade the same entry signal again.

If you are a good musician, you have the confidence that you can play the right chord. Only rookies hope that they can do that.

When I started out with automated trading, I didn’t know much about the term hedging. I thought it would be something where you need to consider complicated correlations for complicated financial instruments.

Profitable trading is always about measurable improvement, not about what somebody sees on a chart. It is possible to find the things that do work if you do the necessary testing. In most cases you will find that common sense does not help. Look at your account balance and your account equity. Are both going in the right direction?

Yes or no?

A big advantage of a small and steady growth is that you can close your open positions once balance and equity are almost equal.

What would be less risky? Trading a big position size with a small account or trading a small position size with a big account?

Start small and survive those wicked first six months. You can always grow your account size later.