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If you want good results, you will have to go through the bad times and do things that you really don’t want to do.

None of the discretionary traders could tell me how much better „better“ is. If I can make $100 with one of their entries, would that mean I could also make $100 with a random entry?

There is the problem when we try to apply common sense to trading charts. And here there is another problem. Because we as humans only see a fraction of the available information on the chart. A good indication for a balanced system is when you see equity and balance going up in an almost straight line. Humans probably would say something like, oh, I see it on the chart.

Computers can’t do that. They need to decide based on numbers.

When the Euro US dollar price fell like a stone, it would have been a good idea to also trade other currency pairs where the Euro was not in the first part of the description.

Once I had a result, I changed one thing and tried to improve that lousy result. If I could do that for one currency pair, I would try to also do it for other currency pairs and other trading years. For a tasty meal, you will have to do the things in the right order and use the right temperature.

Today random is predictable for me, and I like that random entry system very much. It is way cooler to tell people that you trade random entries and have good results than to follow any other system.

One of my former brokers in the UK went bankrupt in January 2015, and thousands of traders have made big losses.

In the past, I have tried to find out why some currency pairs work better than others, but today I know that it doesn’t really matter.

Imagine you would like to build a house. How would you get started? I guess I would need to think about what kind of house I want to build. For discretionary traders, this is almost impossible. But when you look on the screen now, you will see that an algorithmic trading system has no problem to trade a few hundred positions.

Ulysses knew that the sirens killed hundreds of sailors because they tricked them to go overboard with their ingratiating voices.

One of the biggest banks in Germany called Deutsche Bank, lost over €130,000,000 in 2015. They have the biggest buildings, the best equipment, and the smartest experts, but they still lost a lot of money. Some back tests take a lot of time. Yes, you might watch one of these videos in two minutes or less. But actually coding such a system is also a lot of effort.

You don’t have to sit in front of your screen because your computer does all the work and you have just to monitor the results.

When I learned about forex trading, I was excited because it seemed like a digital little gold rush I saw ads and videos with happy, beautiful people on the beach, on a yacht or in a sports car.