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Most men are into risk and way too high speed! And many then fall victim to these preferences. When I was young, I was of the opinion that I had to have a racing bike because people on racing bikes always drove so fast. For me it made sense, everyone who was fast owned such a racing bike. In fact, I found out afterwards that I was just as slow on a road bike as I was on any other bike. The reason for this is quite simple, the road bike does not make a Tour de France winner out of a mediocre cyclist any more than a faster car makes a Formula 1 winner out of a mediocre driver. Nevertheless, many people behave in their car as if they were on a race track. Usually these are men in sporty cars who overestimate their own driving skills. I myself drove over 200 km by car every day for twelve years and saw quite a few accidents. And since I also listened to the news on the radio every day, I can say with certainty that I never heard of an elderly lady who flew out of a curve with her grandson in the car at 180 kilometers per hour. Those were mostly daredevil youngsters on winding country roads. Now you may say that this is discriminatory, but the vast majority of people who cause accidents by speeding are male. If you don’t believe that, you can easily find the statistics called Traffic Accidents, Accidents of Women and Men in Road Traffic on the site of the Federal Statistical Office and check it out. And although all these people have learned in driving school that you should behave carefully in traffic, this has not really helped in practice to avoid accidents. This does not mean that you can always avoid an accident because there are situations where you do everything right and still get involved in an accident situation. We ourselves experienced this in the spring of 2022 when we braked for a cyclist at a crosswalk for cyclists in the Netherlands and a Dutch car crashed into our rear without braking. And although we were not to blame for this accident, our car was a total loss and the cyclist had disappeared. Accidents like that can also happen in trading, and they have a negative financial impact. But I believe that if you are a prudent driver and have learned over many years to cope with the everyday risks in your own life, then you are also able to deal sensibly with the financial risk that arises when you trade independently with capital. All others are welcome to contact the financial advisor of their banking institution, who will have no problem taking a commission for advice on how to handle your money. However, the advisor will also have no problem disclaiming any liability and will not pay a cent of your losses if his investment advice does not work. I do not want to incite anyone to reckless acts or to persuade them to start trading. As Frank Kern always says: No one should ever under any circumstances believe anything I say or buy anything I offer. All statements made here are merely my own opinion and are no substitute for competent advice from a trained financial genius. But I am also firmly convinced that there are certain laws that you can test yourself. And nothing can replace knowledge gained by yourself, can it? If you want to avoid flying off a curve in snow and ice, you need the right equipment. You need to have winter tires, adjust your speed, and avoid jerky steering. Just imagine you are an Ice Road Trucker. You can find the right movie for this on Netflix.